Tuesday, November 10, 2009


      I thought I would let you know about the last English class that I taught last week.  It went well.  I did not end up using the computer/ movie ESL program.  I will try it out in January.  I did order the mp3 players that will have the NIV New Testament on it in English.  So, my students will be able to listen to good English.  Now I just need to get them some NIV New Testaments so that they can follow along as they listen.  I am looking forward to seeing how and if these will help them.
      The students enjoyed learning about food items.  They told me what they wanted to learn how to say to the shop people in town.  So, this really was orchestrated a bit by them this time.  They wanted to learn how to ask where the produce came from.  Was it grown by the shop person or bought from somewhere in the south and shipped to Turkana.  I thought that was a pretty good question and not one I would think to ask.  I just assume it all comes from down south somewhere.  They enjoyed the visit to town, but said that since they were not really buying anything that the clerks didn't want to talk with them very much.  So, it still has its challenges.
      Our Bible training institute has its annual graduation this week.  We will have eleven students graduate.  I will be printing up the diplomas tomorrow.  I also have the honor of handing them the diplomas after their names are called at the ceremony on Saturday.  Woohoo!  Really, it probably means that I get to get sunburned, as I will probably have to stand in the sun to do it.  I will wear a hat and sunscreen I guess.  It just makes me so much hotter!  Oh, well, I do want to save my skin the pain of a burn, so I guess I will live with the extra heat.  
      Some of my English students have stayed in town for the graduation.  So, I am speaking with them and encouraging them to practice their english while they are in town.  A couple of them are staying with an English speaker in town and he is having his 6th grade son talk with them everyday in English.  He says if they are going to stay at his house, they need to put in the practice time every day.  I like this guy! :)
       What about all of you?  What are you up to lately?  Send me an e-mail and fill me in.  Also, can anyone tell me what happened to the Broncos?  Their early record looked good, but the scores of the last two games don't look so good.  I only see the scores, so what happened?

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