Thursday, May 28, 2009


      I had to get the annual inspection done on my truck this week.  For this inspection, I have to have the front bumper bull bar and metal runners removed.  The bumper is fine, but it is connected to a metal bull bar that protects my lights and radiator and such from damage if I hit an animal or a tree or something as I am driving in the bush.  The metal bull bars on all vehicles were outlawed in all cities in Kenya a few years ago.  So, for the inspection you can't have them on your vehicle.  I can have it in Turkana because it is considered rural and therefore you need it.  So far, you can drive them in the cities if you live in a rural area, but you can't have them on for inspection.  Go figure!
      Anyway, I had to have that removed.  My bull bar is also connected to the runner, so those had to come off as well.  I went for inspection after paying my advance tax for the privilege of having the inspection.  I passed but was told that I must put front reflectors on my bumper.  So, I took the truck back to the mechanic who then put the reflectors on and replaced the bull bar and runners.  Such a silly thing to have to do, but I do value having a little extra protection for my truck, so I keep the bull bar.
      As for the battery problems, they were fixed but I had to get it charged for 8 hours on Monday.  I purchased it Saturday and they charged it for half an hour.  It started my truck then, but on Sunday I had problems getting it to start again.  So, on Monday I had to have a loaner battery for the inspection while my new battery was being charged again.  Hopefully that will be the end of that problem!
       I have come to Nairobi for the rest of the week.  I plan on attending a high school graduation.  Three CMF kids are graduating this year.  I will also be grocery shopping for the next few months.  If I have time, I might go see a movie.  I will have to see what is showing :).  I will be heading back to Eldoret on Monday and then on to Turkana on Wednesday.  So, keep those prayers coming for safety in my travels.  Traffic here is terrible.  Many drivers bribed someone to get a license, so you can imagine the kind of driving we see.  Prayer is really good!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Travel day

       I spent today traveling to Eldoret.  That is normally a grueling day filled with bouncing around and trying to keep my truck all in one piece.  Today it was more of the same.  All was going well until I stopped for lunch.  After a lunch of sandwich and chips I got into the truck to do the rest of the trip.  Only problem was that it wouldn't start.  I checked all I know to check and it still wouldn't start.  I happened to be on a very steep hill.  So, I had to let the truck roll backwards down the hill and jump it to get it going.  After that, I was afraid to turn the truck off until I got to Eldoret where I could get it looked at.
      I arrived in Eldoret around 4:15.  I went right to the garage instead of unloading at the house first.  It still took until 6 to get it working.  The mechanic decided it was the battery.  It started fine that morning, so I was sure it would be my starter or the alternator.  He assures me that those are both fine.  I had to wait 30 minutes for them to charge the battery once we got it and it didn't start the truck.  Once it was charged, I was good to go the last 5 minutes of the trip.
      Needless to say, I am pretty tired and sore from the trip.  Please pray that all goes well on Monday.  I have to take the truck to get it cleaned up, checked out and then inspected by the local authorities.  Pray that I can get it all done on Monday.  I hope to head to Nairobi on Tuesday so I can be there for the high school graduation of some of our CMF kids.  I'll be doing a bit of grocery shopping and re-supplying and then I will head back to Turkana around the first.  So, thanks for your prayers and keep them coming!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Events of the week

I thought I would give a short list of the things that happened
this week.
1) A tree fell on my fence again! The same workers at the same
neighbor's house still can't get it right. Less damage this time, but
still a bit frustrating.

2) Third ESL class week- It went well. The students learned to
describe people. They also learned the song "Those bones, those
bones, those dry bones..."

3) RAIN!!!!! It rained monday night and again on Tuesday when I was
trying to teach the aforementioned song. I waited until the next day
as hearing is hard when rain is pounding on a tin roof. It rained a
little bit today too. That is so good for this dry land. Keep
praying for more rain as we really need a good soaking!!

All in all it was an interesting and good week. I am tired from
the teaching, but encouraged by the progress. Have a great week!

Monday, May 4, 2009

What wins?

       I recently watched a fight that I didn't know was coming.  One minute I was calmly preparing my dinner and listening to the radio when I heard a loud crash.  I looked out the window and saw the fight was over, before I was even aware it had begun.  What am I talking about?
       Well, I had a very large tree fall on my fence.  My fence is a pretty strong one, but the tree won the fight hands down.  My neighbors on the other side of the road decided that they wanted to make their entry gate wider.  There was a tree in the way, though, so they had someone come and work on chopping it down.  Most people would look at a really tall tree and think, "Hum, if I chop that down it is going to fall a long way."  Evidently, they didn't.  So, they chopped the tree from near the bottom of the trunk instead of climbing up and topping it first.  So, when it came down, it fell across the road and onto my fence.  Needless to say, the fence didn't fare so well.
        I spent a good part of three days having my fence worked on by one of my guards.  He took out the three posts that were damaged and cemented in new ones.  Then, once the cement dried, he pulled the fence back up to its regular height.  He also had to reconnect the two broken strands of barbed wire that run above the fence.  The tree won, but the fence is restored and ready for another fight.  Maybe next time, it will win : > ).
        Just another typical crazy day in Turkana.  Please keep praying for rain!