Saturday, May 16, 2009

Events of the week

I thought I would give a short list of the things that happened
this week.
1) A tree fell on my fence again! The same workers at the same
neighbor's house still can't get it right. Less damage this time, but
still a bit frustrating.

2) Third ESL class week- It went well. The students learned to
describe people. They also learned the song "Those bones, those
bones, those dry bones..."

3) RAIN!!!!! It rained monday night and again on Tuesday when I was
trying to teach the aforementioned song. I waited until the next day
as hearing is hard when rain is pounding on a tin roof. It rained a
little bit today too. That is so good for this dry land. Keep
praying for more rain as we really need a good soaking!!

All in all it was an interesting and good week. I am tired from
the teaching, but encouraged by the progress. Have a great week!

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