Monday, May 4, 2009

What wins?

       I recently watched a fight that I didn't know was coming.  One minute I was calmly preparing my dinner and listening to the radio when I heard a loud crash.  I looked out the window and saw the fight was over, before I was even aware it had begun.  What am I talking about?
       Well, I had a very large tree fall on my fence.  My fence is a pretty strong one, but the tree won the fight hands down.  My neighbors on the other side of the road decided that they wanted to make their entry gate wider.  There was a tree in the way, though, so they had someone come and work on chopping it down.  Most people would look at a really tall tree and think, "Hum, if I chop that down it is going to fall a long way."  Evidently, they didn't.  So, they chopped the tree from near the bottom of the trunk instead of climbing up and topping it first.  So, when it came down, it fell across the road and onto my fence.  Needless to say, the fence didn't fare so well.
        I spent a good part of three days having my fence worked on by one of my guards.  He took out the three posts that were damaged and cemented in new ones.  Then, once the cement dried, he pulled the fence back up to its regular height.  He also had to reconnect the two broken strands of barbed wire that run above the fence.  The tree won, but the fence is restored and ready for another fight.  Maybe next time, it will win : > ).
        Just another typical crazy day in Turkana.  Please keep praying for rain!

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