Tuesday, January 26, 2010

English review week


How do you get English language learners to speak more English? You
play games. This past week, I spent the whole week with my students
reviewing their first eight lessons. To do that, we played games.
They had a great time and it was a non-threatening way for them to use
the English that they had learned.

We played about five different board games. We used soda bottle caps
as markers and shillings as the dice. They got to move one or two
spaces depending on what side of the coin the shilling landed on.
They had never "flipped" coins. So, it was fun watching these grown
men flipping coins for the first time. We also played some "gap
games" with pictures of items in a house. They had to tell a partner
where to put the item on the board using those hard prepositions - in,
on, next to, under, above and between. They had fun with this game too.

Matching question with the correct answer was turned into a game as
well. Half the class got answers and went to various places around
the yard. Those with questions had to go to each station, ask the
question, receive the answer and decide if the answer matched the
question. If not, then they kept going on to the next station. The
students also had to describe everything in a magazine picture -
including furniture, people, food and colors. This became fun and a
learning experience as they found things like lobsters to eat and
crowns on people's heads.

This was also the first time that we did a small Bible study in
class. I had given them John 1:1-4 to memorize. Memory verses are
still hard for them as they do not have someone there all the time to
tell them the correct pronunciation of words. So, not all of them had
memorized it, but they had read it a few times. So, we talked about
the significance of Word becoming He. How that is unusual in English
and what it means. They really enjoyed this part of our lesson as well.

So, all in all, it was a good week for learning English. We also got
rain on Saturday morning. Praise the Lord!! We really need the
rain. This early morning rain was a nice soft one, but long enough
that the ground was still damp at noon. I hope all is well with you


  1. HI Lynn,
    Read your blog today. This is Kim, the blog above yours at Coffeegirl community. Keep up the good work! God bless you!

  2. What an amazing job you did...such creativity. I would guess it was your students favorite week of class.

  3. Pencils make excellent dice Lynn. Mark each side of a hexagonal pencil with dots using a marker pen... then role it.

    Great Blog... great work.