Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Robin & Update

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that my puppy, Robin, is now doing fine.  It took him about a week and a half before he was able to walk on his leg - gingerly.  Now he is running around the yard with Batman (the other dog) and playing and doing fine.  Thanks everyone for your concern!

I am currently in Eldoret.  That is in the highlands of Kenya at 7500 ft.  It is a beautiful area.  I have been working on my next english class.  The students will be learning how to ask for and give directions.  So I am making an ABC places of Lodwar booklet.  My friend and I took some pictures around town of shops and buildings and I am putting them all in a little booklet.  The students will then have to give directions to those places from a specific place in town.  I think they will really enjoy this.  My camera doesn't have settings to take black & white pictures.  So, I am having to duplicate each picture and then make it black and white and crop it in my computer program.  That is a bit time consuming.  I have anywhere from three to five pictures for each letter.  I thought this would be a pretty quick thing, but it has taken me several hours and I am only finished through L.  I have a few more to do, but I have the hang of it now :).

Tomorrow I head to Nairobi.  I have some grocery shopping that I need to do.  I usually buy for 2-3 months at a time.  So, it takes a little time.  I also tend to shop at several stores around Nairobi as it is hard to find everything at one store.  I have a two day meeting with all the Kenya CMF missionaries next Thursday and Friday.  After that, I will be headed back home to Turkana.   So, that is a bit of an update from here.  What have you been up to lately?  Have a great day and I would love to hear from you!

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