Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More on the drought & famine


I thought this article was pretty good in explaining the current drought in Kenya.

Turkana has been very dry for the last three years.  Many animals have died due to lack of food and a respiratory disease that the weak animals were unable to resist.  So, people are desperate and hungry.  Many are starving.  It is possible that the government could have helped to prevent the famine as the article suggests.  I don't really know.  I do know that I have seen an outpouring of help from regular Kenyans in the supermarkets and I have heard that many are giving in other ways.  It is encouraging to see that the regular people of Kenya do care about people starving in their own country who are their own people.

I head home to Turkana next Monday.  Please be in prayer for my safe travels.  Please pray for the Turkana people.  Pray for rain.  Pray that the water and garden projects that we have been investing in for the past several years will produce yields beyond what can be imagined to help feed the hungry people in those areas.

Pray for the CMF team here (Harris, Morden & me) as we try to determine the best way to help the most needy people.  Pray for our church leaders.  We want to work through them to reach those in need in their communities.  Pray that they will see the great need of the few in their communities and be willing to set aside personal desires to be able to help those few.  Turkana tend to want all things to be equal.  They say, "everyone is hungry," which is true.  So, they think we should give a little to everyone.  But, there is a distinction between hungry and starving and we have a limited amount that we can spend to help.  So, pray that there would be unity in what we decide to do.  Thanks for reading and for praying!

If you would like to help us as we try to help, then please go to this site and give.  Thanks so much!!{Famine+Relief}&c4={71200}


  1. May the Lord bless you and your ministry. May He give you strength, joy and wisdom!