Monday, December 31, 2012

Our present - His presence.

The one who came to save His people from their sin has been celebrated this month.  I pray that He is born in our hearts each day as we follow Him.  The focus of the past days for me has been on family and celebration.  I have enjoyed being present for family gatherings this year instead of just having a short phone call during the events.  Really, presence is what this season is all about.

He came as a baby.  God wanted to be with us.  He wanted to be present.  He became our present that we celebrate every year at least for a little while.  He still wants to be present to us today and every day.  He wants us to know Him and His presence in a real way.  Counting my gifts this year has helped me to do that.  I hope you have found ways to help you enjoy his presence in your life too.

As the year comes to a close, I have a few more gifts to list.  God is so good and I have enjoyed this year of listing my gifts.  It has helped me to stay focused on the giver and  on how blessed I am.  This is a habit I will keep, but I may not list all of them here.  I will keep counting though and periodically share a few with you.

1102. Christmas cookies made

1103. We can draw near to his throne without fear!
1104. Cat in a box
I fits!  Really, I do.
Why you takin' my pitchur?  I'll shoot u wit my laser beam saucer eyes! 
1105. Singing His praises with friends.
Joy To The World!!
1106. A handmade gift from a friend.

1107. No car trouble and a safe drive to IN.
1108. Snow at Mark’s!

1109. Family! (missing one very important person though)
1110. Baking with Mom and Dad.
1111. Shopping for the feast with the whole family – what messy joy.
1112. Card shark Dennis!

1113. Christmas gift shopping.
1114. Family and tenderloin sandwiches.
amazing my cousins are so old and hadn't had these before :) 
1115. The Annual Family gathering – I’m here to enjoy it!

1116. Late nights and drinking it all in to save for more solitary times.
Yes - 2 games of Euchre going on in this picture.
1117. God is coming!  He is near! He is here!  He is coming again!  All at once!  Alleluia!!!!
1118. Sharing the light and remembering He is the Light.

1119. Worshiping with family.
1120. Celebration of real Love.
1121. A new family member met and loved on.

1122. A dog and her present.  Missing Chewy!

His favorite sleeping spot
last Christmas in Lodwar 
1123. Les Miserable movie – Grace rejected or accepted.
‘to love another person is to see God!’

1124. Blizzard and loving the snow.
1125. Slowed down restful day.
1126. Unexpected extra day with my parents.
1127. Brother’s love – shopping and returning things with me.
1128. The cold and snow scenes all around – seen and felt.

1129. Dinner with family.
brother, cousin, me, great aunt and another cousin taking the picture
1130. Icicles on striated cliffs in KY.
1131. A beautiful tree - bare white branches on a dark trunk.
1132. Safely home in TN.
1133. Just breathing.
1134. Pondering a movie or two.
1135. Church with friends and lunch after.
1136. Gumbo taste explosion (to spicy for me!)
1137. Italian food and friend time.
1138. Broncos win!  Clinch playoff advantage!

1139. A new year coming!
1140. His multitude of blessings this year!!! 

He loves us so!  It is so easy to miss the evidence when we don't examine our days.  Praying for a bright New Year of His presence in my life and in yours!

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