Wednesday, August 14, 2013

July's projects

Right after I get back to Kenya, people begin talking to me about fixing things.  One of the things that needed fixing was the banda that my guards sit under during the day.  This is just a cooler place out of the sun for them to sit.  When I looked at the structure, I had to agree with them that it needed to be worked on.  This banda was built by former CMF missionaries a few years before I came to Kenya.  I have added some Makuti (palm leaves woven to make a type of thatch) over the years, but not done much else.  

So, as you can see it needed some help.  My guards also wanted me to make the roof higher.  That required a carpenter and a bit of extra thinking.  The posts for the banda were only so high.  They were also still good and were imbedded in the concrete.  So, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy the process of repairing and improving it.

this is how we made the center post taller

We added plastic to help keep out any rain that might fall :)

This is the way it looked in the end - without all the 'trash' around it

left over 'murrim' - stalks of palm leaves

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