Friday, April 4, 2014

An Ode to Dust

Dust, dust everywhere!
Dust in my hair and on my chair
Dust even in the wrinkles of my ear

A quarter inch of dust on my table
I wipe it, but it seems to be stable.
Give it thirty minutes and it will return
It doesn’t get that its being spurned!

The wind daily blows
And the dust it goes
All through the house and air.
Anyone have a lung or voice to spare?

There is a mountain in here somewhere!

I’m so tired of the dust
That I think I really must
Pray for rain to pour down
And tamp this dust all around.

This is the non-dusty view

 Think not that I complain
Although I would not disdain
teaching without it in range
would be a nice change!

It is the time of lent
And I truly do repent
Will you not relent and
keep the dust within me pent?

my dust made self in the Jordan River

My rhyming might be poor
But, Lord, to you I do implore,
Please pour out the rain
So the dust can go down the drain
And end this horrid refrain!

I hope you liked my poem!  The dust continues, but has gotten a little less because we did get a little rain last week.  The one good thing about the dust is that we do get some very nice sunsets.  The same day I wrote this poem, I went to a Bible study and prayer time with some other missionaries.  The horrid dust of the past couple of months was a topic of discussion.  One of the other ladies said, "there is so much dust on my floor, I could almost plant flowers in it."  

So, for all of you tired of the snow and ice and ready for spring, just be glad you haven't been having dust storms :)  Have a great week!

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