Monday, November 17, 2008

Back in Kenya - Impressions

Hello All!
I made it back to Kenya on Tuesday night. I drove half way to
Turkana today (Monday 17th). Stopped in Eldoret for a few days of
unpacking and fixing some plumbing in the house we rent. Here are
first impressions.
Nairobi- seems pretty normal. Vehicle explosion on the roads.
Traffic Jams all day long. Some things missing from the stores. Some
new things around. New teammates. New faces. Old faces. Good to
see all. Prices much higher! Not so good. Truck found! Truck loaded.
On way to Eldoret - Busy roads. Road fixed up to half way there!
So, smooth. White & black stripes. Zebras beside the road. Baboons
too. Bright kelly greens. Deep red dirt. "We got cows!" In the
road. Also donkeys and goats. Patchwork gardens. Terraced on
mountain sides. New route. Better road, but still bumpy. Miss the
evergreen forest on old one. Roads are grooved from semi's too
heavy. Rough second half of trip.
More to follow soon on the new truck!

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