Sunday, June 28, 2009

5 things I love about Kenya

I recently visited another blog and saw the person had been tagged and asked to list the five things she loved about the country she was called to minister to. So, I decided to do the same here. I hope you enjoy the list.
5 things I love about Kenya.
1) The abundance of flowers in the lush highlands
2) The arid beauty of the desert with its browns, old greens and purple black lava rock mountains
3) The faces of people chiseled by a hard life, but full of joy in the Lord
4) The slow pace of life centered around relationships
5) The way I have learned that "home" can be found in the most unexpected of places far from what is familiar and yet so close to the heart.

Sorry I seem to have taken a couple of weeks off. I will try to make up for the missed entries :}
blessings for now! Lynn

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