Saturday, September 26, 2009

Culture Clash

       I returned this week to Lodwar. I had several good meetings in Nairobi, but I am glad they are over and I am home. When I returned I found out that someone in the neighborhood behind mine had died. How did I find this out? It seems that when someone dies in town, the grieving family must not sleep for several nights. I don't exactly know why this is, but it is what happens. They must play loud, fairly obnoxious music all night long. It gets much louder after about 10 pm and goes on the rest of the night. So, I knew someone had died. 
       I do not know who it was, but the family is grieving according to their customs here in Lodwar. The music is loud and played over a loud speaker so all can hear. I am told this is so that if people are coming for the funeral, they will know where to come to.  It is true that many people here travel at night because it is cooler.  This is especially true if the moon is bright so they can see a bit better.  Even so, I have to say it is a bit annoying.  I find myself trying to go to sleep to the heavy beat of drums.  If I were in the States, I might call the police and complain about them disturbing the peace.  Here, it is just part of the way things are.  This seems to be a recent development.  I think they probably did it before, they just didn't have many loud speakers around to make the sound travel so far.  So, I fall asleep hearing the beat and praying that the family will find peace in the one true God who can raise their dead to real life.  I must confess, I also pray for better earplugs :).
       Please continue to pray for rain!  It has been very hot and dusty lately.  My old knee injury has been twinging the last few days.  I hope and pray that means there will be a change in the weather that includes rain.  You never really know with this knee.  It could mean a bigger dust storm is coming.  At any rate, keep praying for the rain to come and water this thirsty land!

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