Sunday, September 27, 2009

Novel quote

       I like to read science fiction and fantasy.  I recently read something in a book by Terry Pratchet.  His character, Granny Weatherwax, has some comments on religion and faith that she makes to a priest of religion that had an inquisitorial nature in the past.  I thought they were pretty interesting words, so I will share them with you.  Let me know what you think :).
       "You say that you people don't burn folk and sacrifice people anymore, but that's what true faith would mean, Y'see?  Sacrificin' your own life, one day at a time, to the flame, declaring the truth of it, working for it, breathin' the soul of it.  That's religion.  Anything else is just ... is just bein' nice and a way of keepin' in touch with the neighbors. (...)  Don't chase faith, 'cos you'll never catch it.  But, perhaps you can live faithfully."  Carpe Jugulum Pg. 349 
       I hope you had a great Sunday and were able to worship the Lord with a glad and sincere heart!  Keep praying for rain for Turkana!

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