Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last week


Last week was an eventful week. I was getting ready to travel down country for the holidays. So, all the busy work to get everything ready for that trip happened most days. I had to arrange for some proofreading of materials for literacy primers that we need to get reprinted. Then I had to get them back and make sure they were packed for the trip.

I held my employee Christmas party on Thursday. We had greens, ugali, and goat meat along with some chapatis. Chapatis are flat bread like tortillas only fried and thicker. The meal was really good and there was plenty for everyone. At the end of the meal, I gave out Christmas bonuses and their leave pay and regular pay. So, everyone went away with full bellies and full pockets. I also gave them enough food so they could have a very nice few days of feasts for Christmas. So, I think they were all pretty happy.

Thursday was also the day that I found out that my Mom was in the hospital. She was having problems with shortness of breath, a slow heart beat and dizziness. My brother and I might say "Mom is always dizzy," but really the other symptoms were pretty new. So, she ended up in the hospital until Saturday afternoon. They discovered that her new blood pressure medicine had reacted negatively with another medicine and had made her heart beat way too slowly. So, PTL, she is better and out of the hospital!

Friday I undecorated my house. I was leaving on Saturday for about three weeks and didn't want to leave it all out to get dusty while I was gone. So, that was a bit depressing. I had just decorated the Friday before :). Even so, it was good to have them out even for a short time. I spent the rest of the day packing and getting ready to leave for the holidays.

I will tell you about the trip down in my next post. Lets just say it was interesting. I hope all is well with all of you! blessings to you all as you celebrate the true reason for the season!


  1. Lynn, I greatly admire the work you are doing...Keep it up!!!
    --Greg Wooden

  2. Undecorated...well bah hum bug