Thursday, February 11, 2010

And now the News!

Hello all!

Sorry it has been a while. Last week I was busy getting my house ready for visitors. You would think that since I live alone, it wouldn't take long to do that. However, I must confess I tend to keep things in a general state of messiness. I did also spend the large part of one day taking down a bunk bed and moving my desk into my spare room. I had to get the spare room livable as my room and office. The dust in Turkana doesn't help things! I gave my room to my visitors - more beds and space in there. So, I had to clean all the dust off of bookshelves and other surfaces. I have several bookcases and other surfaces. Alas, it was clean, but the dust of Turkana is relentless. I am sure it is back - just not as deep - yet. :).

This week I have been busy too. I have been ferrying about 20 or so kids in my little truck to the VBS that the visitors are having each day. The kids and visitors have had a great time! I have also been working on my next English class. It is next week. We are talking about cooking, eating out and table place settings. So, I am working on a fun final day for them. They will come to my house and do a little cooking. Using their new words like - grate, slice, chop, cut, boil, bake and fry. Then they will set the tables on my back porch. They will be seated and discuss what they did while cooking. Then I will wait on them and take their orders. I worked on a menu for the "Back Porch Cafe" today. I have two other cooks who will help me teach them how to cook the menu items. They will learn how to cook Pizza, Spaghetti sauce, and some typical Kenyan dishes. So, I think that will be fun.

I will be working tomorrow and Saturday on choosing the activities and writing dialogues that will help them get to the point where they can accomplish that fun final day. I have some ideas and a few helpful worksheets from my book - but most of the stuff has to come from me. So, I have a bit of work cut out for the next couple days :).

Anyone have suggestions on how you get a waitress or waiter's attention when you want the bill? I am still trying to figure out what to have the person say or do in the dialogue. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Remember they are beginners so they don't have a huge vocabulary yet :).

Have a great and blessed week!!

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