Friday, March 5, 2010

Home again, home again...

jigity jig! Flying is nicer and faster than going in a rig!


Sorry about the rhyme, I just couldn't resist :). I flew down to Nairobi last week and returned to Lodwar today. It was a nice break and didn't include the bone/ body jarring two day drive that I normally take to get to Nairobi in my truck. When we flew over Lodwar, we saw many puddles of standing water. Praise the Lord, it rained for about 6 hours on Thursday!!!!!

The rain is wonderful and we need more, but please also pray for the people who will be getting sick with Malaria because of the increase of habitat for the mosquitos. The rain has been needed so badly and I am so grateful for it!! I pray that even more will come during this normal rainy season so that the people and animals can recover the drought of the past years.

Praise the Lord with me for the rain!!!!! Pray for more and for the health of the Turkana people too :)!

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