Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rain! & bugs!


It rained Friday for about four hours. Praise the Lord! We badly needed the rain. I am looking forward to seeing some new green shoots in the coming days. I am not looking forward to the bugs. Whenever it rains, we get an invasion of bugs. I think they must hide out in the sand and wait for the rain to come. The rain is their signal that life is livable for them so they hatch and come join the rain dance party.

Okay, that might be a little far fetched but it might have some basis in fact too. I haven't studied them enough to know, but I do know that they always come after the rain. They stay around for a week or two and if there is no more rain then they quietly go away. In the meantime, I spend a few nights with very few lights on in my house. They tend to like light and manage to get in the house around even the best screens. Even without lights, they do still manage to make their way into the house - just not as many.

Is this a complaint? Not really. I know we need the rain, so how can I really complain? It could also be that these bugs provide life for those new green shoots or maybe carry their seeds around so that when the next rain comes, there will be new green shoots. God is amazing in the way he has made our world! So, I am happy for the rain and if I am not happy for the bugs, I do not want them to go away completely. I would like them to stay out of the house. So, I keep the lights low and praise the Lord for the rain :).

What about you all? Have you danced the "happy it is raining" dance lately? How about the "happy its snowing" dance? Okay, maybe the "happy it is sunny" dance. Whatever your weather, give thanks the the Lord who made our world and enjoy what you have been given.

Have a great day! Pray for more rain here and pray for me as I prepare for my next English class this coming week. I am teaching about clothes. It should be an interesting week. I hope yours is too!

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