Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clothing class

Hello again!

I promised an update on my last class in March but my vacation postponed that update. So, my last English class was all about clothing. The students learned a lot of nouns and some adjectives to describe clothes. I brought in samples of most of the things they were learning. It was a little hard to find pantyhose here in the desert so they had to imagine those :).

We played some games to help them learn the words. In one game, a student had to tell his partner where on a grid to place the picture of the clothing item. Then his partner did the same until the grid was filled. The students enjoyed this game and it gave them a chance to say the words in a non-threatening game. We also had a fashion show day. I let each student go through the items I brought and pick out an outfit and put it on. The other students then had to describe what they were wearing. These guys were fearless! They picked out the most outlandish things they could find and matched them together. It was quite comical and we all had a good time trying to describe them.

For their final project they worked in groups. This is the first time they have done something like this. They had to go to town and find out the prices of clothing items. Then, they came back to class and worked in groups to come up with the name of a clothing shop, decide what they would sell and make a flyer advertising the prices of their clothes. They had some initial problems understanding what they were to do, but once they did, I got some very nice looking flyers. I think they will be even better if I try this again in the future.

Part of our class time we spent looking at some Scripture talking about the clothing Christians should wear. I had them draw the armor of the Lord. That was interesting to see their idea of what armor looks like. I am hunting for a book on armor so I can show them some of these things for our next class. We talked about what it might mean to put on Christ. They stuggled for the english words, but they were able to give some pretty good answers.

Our next class is May 10th. We will continue some of the clothing theme and move on to some accessories and body parts. I haven't got the lesson all planned out yet, but I am hoping to include some more Scriptures on things we are to put on as Christians. I am also working to find some Kenyan volunteers to host my students for two nights of this week of class. I need 12 people or families that would be willing to host them and speak with them in English. You can be in prayer that I am able to find some people willing to help them practice what they know.

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  1. There are lots of pictures of armour on Google images Lynn.

    Liked the Blog... but then I'm a teacher, make re-enactment stuff and chainmail armour.