Wednesday, May 11, 2011

prayer request!


I am teaching my English class this week.  It is really hot and humid.  We are all hoping it will rain since it is so humid.  You could pray about that too.  Really, my request is that you pray for my students.  I currently have 11 students that come to my class.  This week I had 5 come.  The others are all home because of family problems.

Hmm...Family Problems.  What does this mean in Turkana?  Basically, it means that the students are out looking for food because their families don't have food to eat.  It has been a very dry couple of years.  In those years, the animals didn't do so well.  Many of them died of starvation or respiratory diseases they couldn't fight because they didn't have the energy.  So, please pray for my students.  Pray that they find the food they need for their families.  Pray that the rain comes this year in a quantity and quality that will revive the land and the animals.  Pray that the animals will be strong enough to survive the cold (in the 70s) when it does rain.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!  Have a good week and please remember to pray!

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