Saturday, September 10, 2011

Healings and Feelings - an ESL class


This week my ESL class watched a chapter of the movie "The Hope."  The chapter was about Jesus' ministry.  We talked about many things that Jesus did and the things he taught.  At the end of the week I gave them the assignment to be done in groups of two or three.  One was to play Jesus and one was to play a sick person that Jesus heals.  They were to have each person speak (English of course) and also show the emotions that the people might have felt.

It was a fun assignment for the students.  I had seven students that could make it to class.  We had a big rain (8 hours straight!) on Saturday and a couple of students couldn't make it across a river to get to the vehicle that was bringing them to class.  So, there were three groups.  I got a couple of pictures at the beginning of each "drama."  I was too involved laughing or clapping as part of the crowd of onlookers to get the whole thing.  :).  So, enjoy the pictures!

The paralytic being healed.  He ran around the class room yelling, 'I can move!' after he was healed.

This is a blind man being healed.  He shouted out "I can see!  I can see!"

Jarius' daughter in disguise being raised from the dead.  S/He hugged Jesus and said thank you!

The students had fun doing these little dramas and I had fun watching.  The blind man had a friend lead him to Jesus - just in case you wondered where the 7th student was.  After the drama's we had some very good discussions about who Jesus is and what he did while here on earth.  We also discussed what we might want to ask him or tell him if he were right here in our classroom.  There were requests for blessings and power to help people and questions about how hard life is.  Several said they would ask that Jesus would heal a friend of theirs.  Then we talked about how Jesus is right here in our classroom :).  And we decided that we could ask these questions and make these request right then.

How about you?  What would you ask Jesus or request from him if he were right next to you?  He is, so why don't you go right ahead and ask him!  Have a good week!

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