Monday, September 26, 2011

Update on prayer request


I asked you all to pray for the situation out in the Kangarisae area Friday.  So, here is a little update from my teammate, Gene Morden.  FYI the area of Kangarisae is where I lived when I first came to Turkana to learn the language and the culture.  Please keep those prayers coming!

I will update you on the current situation in the Kerio Area. I will also try and answer some question that have come up.

The bandits are walking over the mountain with guns and coming into different villages. Some say it is Turkana attacking Turkana and other are saying it is Pokot.
We have not found out the answer to that. So far 4 have been killed with a possible 5th. All have moved from the areas to areas 20 kilometers away. Most were taken out by vehicles others walked out or I should say ran out. So far it looks like the bandits are only after animals.

The last we heard the police had gone after them and there was a gun fight in the mountains. The 2 chiefs were following the police. How do we get the news? Well there are what they call hot spots for quite a ways out in the bush now days. Technology has changed things a lot and some phones are cheap and it only costs if you call.

As far as the farms in the areas we do not know what will happen. As of today we are told everyone has left all the villages. Where they are staying is too far to walk back and forth everyday. We will keep you posted. We just have to believe that God has a plan.

Please pray that peace would come to the area.
Pray for the families of the dead will be comforted
Pray that the bandits will be caught so families can move back to their homes
Pray fo wisdom in knowing how to handle different situations that may come up

We love you all,
thank you for standing beside us,
Thanks for your prayers and keep them coming!  Lynn

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