Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Church planting forum

Turtle Bay beach resort is named for this turtle shaped coral reef
I recently attend a CMF church planting forum.  While there I learned about the various things other church planters are doing around the world with CMF.  I got some new ideas about how to work on our teaching at the Turkana Bible Training Institute that I think will really help our students.  I am looking forward to working on that in the near future.

This was also a time to meet new friends and to reconnect with old friends.  I do not get to see many of these very often since we don't normally furlough at the same time.  This was a good time to visit and discuss ideas with other missionaries.  The forum was held at the Kenyan coast, so it was also a good time to praise the Lord for the beauty of the beach!

There was also a program for the missionary kids(MKs).  My parents (Rich & Edie) and niece (Indera) were able to help with this program before they departed for the States.  MKs who live with their parents in remote areas do not often have the opportunity to go to sunday school or VBS.  So, this was a chance for them to do that and get to know so of their fellow MKs.

some of the MKs

the kids made a cross on the beach

Over all, it was a great meeting!

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