Friday, November 4, 2011



I have had a house full of visitors these last couple of weeks.  First I had Joshua Barron visiting.  You can read about his visit in my last post.  Half way through his visit, I had some other visitors arrive.  My parents and Cathie Groome had planned to visit in September, but had to change to coming in October and early November.  My niece decided at the last minute that she could come with them.  So, I got a big surprise when they got off the plane and she was with them!

While here, they participated in many activities.  They played with school kids almost every day.  Cathie, Dad and Indera all went at various times to the local school.  Cathie taught several classes while Dad and Indera helped or took pictures.  Mom was able to teach three Bible studies on Rahab to the women's Bible study.  The ladies had a wonderful time learning and I think Mom had a great time teaching.  They also helped me teach my English class.  My students had fun meeting and introducing themselves to them.

Here are a few pictures from their two weeks in Turkana.
Dad & a termite mound

Indy being a good Turkana woman
carrying something on her head, back
& working in the garden :)

an afternoon with some teenaged girls

Idi with Edie

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  1. Looks like all had a great visit. Your Mom looks so much like Phyllis and Grandma Matillo! Take care of yourself and Happy Thanksgiving!