Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving - a way of life!

This month has been full of friends, family and fun as I traveled and visited.  I visited two church families, attended the CMF board meeting and the ICOM (International Conference on Missions), traveled from Tennessee to Indiana to Illinois and back to Indiana and then I flew to Colorado.  I Celebrated the Lord's work in Turkana, America and around the world.  I also enjoyed spending time with family for the Thanksgiving holiday while also missing my 'family' in Kenya.

Through it all, I have continued to give thanks to the Lord for His many and varied gifts.  I am amazed that I have passed the milestone of 1000 gifts in my numbering of the Lord's blessings to me this year.  (See my last post for that 1000th gift.)  In the process, I have formed a habit of making Thanksgiving a way of life.  His gifts are so bountiful!  I shouldn't be surprised that I could pass 1000, but at the beginning, I wasn't sure I would persevere and make it to the 1000 mark.  It has been a year full of challenges, hard things, happy and sad moments, and transitions.  This habit of giving thanks has helped me to keep my focus on the Lord, be at peace and even have joy in the midst of the hard things. I really encourage you to try it.  Just start by jotting down something you noticed today that blesses you and makes you want to give thanks.

This week after the Turkey was baked and consumed, I sat down with my family and watched an old classic on TV.  It was Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving shows.  I wanted to share a quote from that show spoken by Linus after Charlie Brown's meal for his friends doesn't turn out very well.

"Thanksgiving is more than just eating food...We should just be thankful for being together"

My heart is so full of all those I have spent time with in the past few weeks.  I am so thankful to have been able to see and catch up with so many people.  I am thankful for just 'being together!"

1015.  Great workshops and worship at the ICOM.
1016. Cuban dinner and Italian desserts with friends.
1017. Biscuits and gravy with friends to celebrate Erin’s birthday.
1018. Dinner with my great aunts and cousins!
1019.  Non-starting car again!  But time for them to figure it out while I am in CO.
1020. Safe, uneventful flight from Indpls. to CO.
1021. Family and home.
1022. Shopping for the feast.
1023. Kitties and boxes.  :)
Little Bit
1024. Gyros with friends and family.
1025. Game night with Lee, Amy and Haylei.
1026. Real turkey for Thanksgiving!

1027. Home with family this year.
1028. The feast – such abundance!

1029. The desserts!

1030. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving shows.
1031. Out trading in books with Mom.
1032. Turkey, Cranberry sauce and Miracle whip sandwiches – my favorite Thanksgiving leftovers!

1033. This sunset – Go God!

That 'wavy' mountain means I'm in my "CO home" to me!
1034. And this later during the sunset event!

1035. Window shopping and walking with Indy.
1036. Indy helping to lead worship.
1037. Broncos game with Judy Boyer, Mike and Dad…so much fun!
Photo taken from

1038. Broncos win!!

1039.  Elk seen safely crossing the road.
1040. Frosted trees on the home.
1041. A walk with Indy to the rocks.
I didn't know there was an 'Elvis' rock in the back yard!  :)
1042. A fire in the wood stove – it was so cold!

I hope your last few weeks have also been full of thankfulness!  Have a great week and remember to give thanks!

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