Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Over 1000 blessings to celebrate!

Wow!  I have counted over 1000 blessings from the Lord since the beginning of this year.  Celebrate and give thanks with me to the giver of all these blessings!  Giving thanks everyday for the gifts from the Lord is such a wonderful way to stay focused on Him.  When we are thankful, it is really hard to grumble and complain or to worry about what is to come.  Giving thanks gives peace and joy!

"The only answer to God's Unending Grace - is Man's unending Gratitude!"  (Ann Voskamp)  I plan on continuing to number His blessings to me just as He numbers my days.  Do you want to join me?

972. A great worship time with The Church Of Jesus folks.
973. Good music by John Hurst.

974. Birthday Parties!
975. Quiddler with friends.

 3‘N’ gifts
976. New life possible in Christ.
977. No political adds on the movie channel!  :)
978. Nighttime visit to celebrate Dave’s birthday.
979. Worship with both LOCC & DCC.
980. Hard thanks – car trouble still.

981. Helpful people.
982. Wahoo!  Broncos win!!!
983. Some packing done – changing apartments.

984. Fellowship and great music by friends.

985. Election done and no eruptions of violence here.  Praying for the same in Kenya next year!
986. Girls night out!  Fun and more fun!

987. Friends willing to store my stuff for 3 weeks.
988. A nice apartment to call home for a short while.
989. Help moving things 'till I move to the next apartment.
990. My car made it all the way to IN with no starting problems.
991. A nice bed to sleep in at my brother’s house.
992. Mark loaned me his new car to drive to Naperville.
993. Nice auto shop man to work on my non-starting (again!) car. 
994. Bethany and Mark’s Mexican concoction.  :)
995. Lunch with friends in Naperville area.
I had a hot beef sandwich - a Chicago favorite I'm told.
996. ‘Lessons with Lynn’ fun at NCC.
In Turkana - sing a song with the pumpkin on your head!
Everyone clap your hands!  They got it!!! 
997. Turkana word/ vocabulary help over facebook!
998. Great questions during my Sunday school presentation.
999. A wonderful visit and lunch with NCC folk.

1000. So many gifts this year!  WAHOO! 1000 so far and still naming them!

1001. Safe trip and friends at the end of the drive.
1002. CMF board meeting fun.

1003. Cheesecake factory dinner with friends.
1004. Poolside chats during free time at board meeting.
1005. This vibrant tree seen from Mark’s home.

1006. Lunch with Sharon and Chet.  Catching up is so much fun!
1007.  Seeing fellow African missionaries at ICOM.
1008. Paperwork done and turned in.
1009. Lunch with Kip and catching up at the ICOM.
1010. Chance meeting and dinner with NCC folks at ICOM.
1011. Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit!
1012. Milligan alum dinner – great food and friends.
1013.  So many friends seen and met at the ICOM!
1014. A God arranged meeting with old friends!

1015. A hug from Roghug!  :)

I am so very blessed and these are just a small portion of all the ways the Lord has blessed me the first half of November.  I hope you are enjoying your month!

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