Friday, August 1, 2008

Flat Rock VBS

This week has been busy.  I have been enjoying the Jerusalem Marketplace with the children and adults at Flat Rock Christian Church in Flat Rock, Indiana.  We learned about the last week of Jesus' life.  It was so exciting to see Jesus after he rose from the dead.  
The children and adults got to see what a market place might be like in AD 30.  It was lots of fun to make a pipe instrument at the musicians tent and wooden dradels at the the carpenters shop.  They also got to make candy, jewelry and weave some at the weavers tent.  They got to try to weave some baskets too and learn about baking bread in ancient Israel.  I got to participate in teaching about the bakery on Thursday night.  I think a great time was had by all.  
The children also got to see some pictures about life in Turkana today.  What a difference from their lives here in America!  I hope they enjoyed hearing about the way the children live and play in Turkana.  They will get to learn a little about worship on Sunday night when they have their closing program.  I will not be able to be there, but I pray it goes well for them all!
Next week, I will be traveling to Seattle.  I will begin my class on how to teach English as a second language on the 11th.  So, I am preparing for lots of class and study time and very little sleep :).  This is a 12 credit hour class that gets done in one month.  So, I will be very busy.  Keep me in your prayers!


  1. Knowing that you were creating a blog, I went looking for it. Glad to read about the haps in your life. Nichole K.

  2. From Laura Pruett's Uncle Roy. Wonderful to read of your adventures. Thank you, for a glimpse into the life of an extraordinary person. May Jesus infiltrate your being.