Friday, August 8, 2008


This week I have been traveling across a very large portion of our great country. There have been long driving days.  Thankfully, I have some books on tape to listen to when I get bored. I left Indiana last Friday (1st), crossed Illinois, and Missouri on I-70 and spent the night in Blue Springs with some wonderful supporters. Saturday I spent most of the day seeing just how long it takes to cross Kansas and Eastern Colorado. All day! I stayed with my parents Saturday through Tuesday morning. I had to get my car serviced for the next leg of the journey. I thought it would be a pretty quick thing, but it took most of Monday to get that done because of an electrical short in the blinkers.
Tuesday I crossed through Colorado and into Utah mostly on I-70. Wednesday I went north through Utah and into Idaho. I got to spend the night in Boise with former CMF teammates. I had a great time catching up with the Westfalls and getting to see most of the Rich family as well. Ingrid had to work, but the rest were able to come for dinner at the Westfalls. It was great getting to catch up on the things going on in all their lives. Thursday I passed through the rest of Idaho, eastern Oregon and Washington on my way to Seattle. Friday I will go south to Eugene, Oregon and on to Dexter where I will visit with a supporting church. While in Eugene I'll see former teammates, Bob and Karon Chapman, and future teammates, Scott and Kristi Seidel. I am looking forward to that.
Wow, reading all that makes me tired. Even so, I have seen some wonderful testimonies to the greatness of God along the way. The Majestic Rockies, the beautiful Cascades and the high desert plains are just a few examples. I was amazed how similar parts of Utah and Idaho are to Turkana. There are even warnings about areas with frequent dust storms :}. This world is so vast and so very different in many ways. Even so, there is no way we can travel too far from
God. He knows right where we are both physically and spiritually. It has been good to see his many acts of creation this week. It would be easy for me to think that all this travel has confused him about where I am.  I am a bit confused so he might be too.  Praise Him that he is mightier than my brain can fathom. Thankfully, we serve a God who isn't bothered by our many travels!! He even adds blessings along the way – like beautiful scenery and wonderful friends to break up the trip. Thanks God!!!

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