Saturday, December 20, 2008

He is coming!

Wow, Christmas is so close. Do you feel it?
      I have been hearing Christmas songs this past week in all the shops
in Nairobi. I still don't quite know what the song "The Yellow Rose
of Texas" has to do with Christmas, but a big mechanical Santa sings
it in every Nakumatt I enter. (FYI - Nakumatts are grocery stores
here in Kenya.) I see Poinsettia trees in the yard of the guest house
where I have been staying. Then too, there is the shopping for
presents for those I will spend Christmas with in just a few days.
Thinking about the things I need to make the cookies that are my
christmas tradition. Traffic jams that seem to be the norm in
Nairobi anymore, but are even worse this weekend. All these things
point to this particular time of year.
     How about introspection. Consideration of the joy of the season.
Wonder at the birth of a savior. God really became a baby. He really
walked this earth as a man. He really is coming again. Are these a
part of your Christmas?
     It isn't the snow, the tree, the lights or even the presents that
make Christmas. I have heat, mosquitos, and bushes, but Christmas is
still here. Christmas comes in our hearts. Hope is born because
Jesus came and walked among us. 
     I hope you all are enjoying the signs of Christmas that you have around you. I also hope you are able to be filled with Wonder and Awe at our great savior. I pray that you allow Jesus to be born in your heart each day and that you anticipate his coming and his coming again! A light has shown among the nations and we are changed because of it.
     blessings from one who wants to adore Him!

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