Friday, February 13, 2009

difficulties & grace

Hello! Well, I had to go to the local police station last night. One
of our drivers had been arrested. He had been out in the bush and had
just come back to town. The police pulled him over to check all the
stickers. One was expired. It was for the vehicle insurance. He
called and had someone bring the new sticker. We had just gotten them
while he was out in the bush so he hadn't had time to get the new one
put in place.
The police were still not satisfied. They were holding him and the
vehicle. So, he called me and asked me to come see if I could help.
I don't know that I really helped, except that they did let him go
home. They kept the vehicle and were not willing to drop any charges
even though they knew the insurance was valid in spite of what the
sticker on the truck window said. The new sticker had been produce
within an hour of his being stopped, but to them, an offense was still
committed because he had an invalid sticker on the window. They were
looking for a little something for their pockets and were not going to
give in. So, I tried to remind them that I am a missionary and I
cannot give small gifts. I acknowledged that the sticker was invalid
but that the insurance was not. I asked for a little mercy for our
vehicle and driver. They were not willing to give it. They did
finally let the driver go home for the night. The vehicle stayed
until this morning. The driver returned and had to pay a bail of
about $30 and he will have to go to court sometime next week. So,
that is the story so far.
I am so glad we serve a God who gives grace and mercy in abundance
when we acknowledge our offenses/ sins and ask for his grace. This
incident serves to remind me again to give thanks. It also reminds me
that I am not very good at talking to the police because I get angry
at their attempts to get bribes. They see anger as disrespect -
especially from a woman - and that doesn't help the problem. So, I
continue to ask God to help me with that and am thankful that he
forgives and that He works within us to change us if we let him. Just
some thoughts from this remote part of Kenya. Blessings!


  1. Lynn, Maybe you need to learn the Taiwanese method of "giving face" that is to smile even when you are saying things like "I don't like it when you want bribes" :)-Connie

  2. yeah, or I just need to learn to keep my mouth shut when I am angry :). I will try the smiling thing next time, but hopefully, there won't be one. I usually try to play dumb but sometimes that doesn't work. It has a few times though so, I keep trying :)

  3. It's very hard to 'give face' as my mother tells me constantly "your face gives away that you are angry" so I guess my face tells how I really feel which is VERY hard to change :) Connie