Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hosea class

Well, I thought I should tell you about the Old Testament Prophets
class I taught last week. The class went very well. I had to study
each night to be ready for the next day's teaching though. That is
because I had short notice on the fact that I would be teaching it.
The class of students is a new one for me. This class started last
year. They are not as advanced as previous classes. So, I often had
to tell the story from the O.T. history before I could explain what
was meant in Hosea. That was a little frustrating, but at the same
time it was good to know where they were in understanding. The class
is also smaller than previous classes. That really helped, because I
could take the time to explain more when they got confused looks on
their faces. So, all in all, it ended up being a pretty good class.
I will be teaching these students again in February. I will be
teaching the O.T. Writings. That is Job-Song of Songs. So, I will
know better how to prepare to teach them and I will have time to do it.

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