Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New School Year!

I remember the excitement of getting ready for a new year of school.
It happened every mid-August. Here it happens in January.
The kids started a new year of school here this week. All the
primary schools were to start on Monday. Most of the public schools
haven't opened yet because the teacher's haven't come back from
Christmas break. This happens most years even though they say they
will open the school right after New Year. The private schools do
much better. I have seven children that I or others in the States
sponsor to go to a local private school. I went Monday to pay their
school fees. It was quite a long line. There were parents there who
wanted their children to get into the school but had waited until now
to try to get them in. Others were there to put their children in
boarding school for the first time. I was just there to pay for the
first of three terms that are in a school year. My students all live
close by and are too young to have to board just yet. When they get
into seventh grade, boarding is mandatory. My oldest is just starting
fourth grade this year.
What does starting a new year of school mean here? It means new
uniforms. It means new, blank exercise books for each subject. It
means new textbooks. It means new book bags and new shoes. It means
getting to see your friends after a month and a half long break. That
is what it means if your parents have the money to get you all those
things. For many, they don't get to go to school because they can't
afford it. For others, it means they get to go to school but not have
shoes or textbooks or even a new uniform. They might get one exercise
book and maybe the stub of a pencil, but they do get to go learn.
For me, it means I get to go find those things listed above for
those I can help. It also means I count my blessings for being able
to go to school. I may not have always liked it, but I do appreciate
that blessing so very much now!
Please pray for the schools here. The teachers are saying they
will go on strike on the 19th. It will be a strike all over the
country. Maybe many of them will not even show up before then to
teach. Pray for the students and for those unable to attend because
of lack of resources. Pray that in spite of the strike, that learning
will take place. Pray that those who can't go to school will find
other ways to learn and so move forward in life. Thanks for reading!
Give thanks that you can!!!


  1. Lynn,
    We just logged onto your blog. Haven't read it all yet because supper is on and have to attend to it. We printed it out and will get back to you soon. Hope you're well and God is blessing your work.
    Russ and Candy

  2. Hello Lynn, glad to hear that school is getting started again.
    Miss you in Colorado, but know you are happy doing God's calling.
    Say your Mom and Dad Sunday - all o.k.Pat