Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday was Epiphany. What does that mean?
I was thinking about that as I finished up my Advent devotional.
It ran through Epiphany but didn't really explain what it was. I grew
up in a church that doesn't follow the liturgy of the church year
much, so I don't have traditions to help me. So, a friend here told
me it is to remember the coming of the wise men to visit Jesus. Then
again, for some it is to celebrate the visitation of God to this earth
through Jesus. The dictionary says it commemorates the revealing of
Christ to the Gentiles (thus the wise men realizing the child was King
and coming such a long way to visit). So, have you realized the
wonder of God in the flesh lately? Do you know what it means for
Jesus to be the Christ, the Messiah of the Jews, our Savior?
If you have thoughts or knowledge about Epiphany, I would love to
read them. Blessings to you who read this as you ponder the meaning
of God revealed to us in the flesh as the Christ!


  1. Epiphany as I understand it is the day the Wise Men visited Baby Jesus. I usually know these things better when I am closer to Christmas :) 7/6/10 CJPottenger

  2. Glad for the answer - even if it is a year or so later :). Our independent churches don't do liturgy very well so we don't talk about these high churchy things. Even Advent isn't something we cover much. So, it is fun finding out about how some of the rest of the church celebrates the church year. Enlightening, interesting and ponder-ful. Thanks for your comments! I am enjoying going back over my blog to find where you commented so I can comment back :).

  3. I only know about this because I put it on the calendar to teach the kids and they want to know what it is sooooo I have to study and find out! Maybe I'll know more closer to Christmas! :)-CJP