Sunday, January 18, 2009


This week I have been listening to news here in Kenya about all
that people hope for from the new president of the U.S. You see, our
new head man has relations in Kenya. Even those who aren't related
have big expectations of help and hope from Mr. Obama. It is the
practice in Kenya that whoever the big man is at the time will help
his poorer relations. So, many have expectations that I fear will be
dashed at some time in the very near future. With the inauguration
coming up this week, there is even a group of Kenyan's going to see
their hope for the future take his place in history.
The same is true, I am sure, in other parts of the world. So
many people, even in America, are expecting him to be the one who
saves us from all the world's problems. I am sure that he will be
able to help some. He will after all be the president and have some
powers to help those in need if he chooses to do so. Even so, there
is no way he can solve all our problems.
Thankfully, we have a savior who can help with all the world's
problems. He is our hope no matter what happens in our lives or in
the world. We place a lot of expectations on those we put in
authority over us in our country. Shouldn't we place the same kind of
expectations - even more- on the one we know has, is and will save us
from our selves? Just a thought floating in my brain. Maybe we have
misplaced our hope and expectations. That is why we get so
disappointed when people fail to live up to them. That is why we look
for someone to be great and solve the world's problems - tomorrow if
you please. Mr. Obama will not be able to do it. We can hope, but he
can't solve them all. Jesus is our one true hope. He is the one
holding forgiveness in his hands offering it to this messed up world.
He is the only one who can bring hope and victory out of our messy
Where did all this come from? I just feel a little sorry for all
the expectations placed on Mr. Obama. Yes, he has a lot of potential
and he will have a powerful position in the world, but he is not the
one we should be looking to for our hope. I do pray for him, that he
will be able to be a wise and helpful leader. But, even in Kenya, the
big man isn't the president of the U.S. or even of Kenya. The big man
is Jesus. Only he can really help with the problems of the world. He
is even our relative - by adoption. So, we can place all our hope and
expectations in his capable hands. Just a thought. Take it as you

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  1. honestly, Lynn, the only pity that a man like Barack Obama needs from someone like you is the pity directed toward someone that (in the language of Christianity) worships the false prophet, which in this case is money, power, success, and material reward. and if there's any "hope" at all to be blessed with here, it's that each of us finally recognize that our savior is not to be found in these self-interested leaders and the systems they operate for profit, but within ourselves. let us "hope" that we can finally be honest with ourselves; honest enough to see those bitter truths before us, in whatever form they may come.