Sunday, January 18, 2009

This past week

Hello again! Wow, two posts in one day! Just a little from this past
week. I was able to meet with a great group of church leaders. I
listened to their problems and how they thought to solve some of
them. They gave reports about what the Lord is doing in their
churches. He is working and they gave him praise. Many of these
leaders are facing problems, but they believe God is working.
I was able to talk with them about the new English classes that I hope
to start in the next month or so. They will help me choose the
students for the class. Pray that they will have wisdom in their
choosing. I should find out from some of them towards the end of the
month who the students will be from their areas. Hopefully, the other
areas who were not represented at the meeting will also be choosing
people for the class.
I had more students come this past week asking for help with school
supplies. Some I could help, but not all. I enjoyed seeing the
smiling faces of the children I could help. It was hard to tell
others that I do not have the resources to help them as well, but I
know that I cannot help everyone.
I found out on Thursday afternoon that I was needed to teach the first
TBTI class this year. It starts this Tuesday. It was short notice,
but I have taught the class before, so hopefully that will help. I
will be teaching about the prophets of the Old Testament. I will
focus on the book of Hosea. So, keep me in your prayers as I refresh
my memory. Pray for wisdom as I try to come up with questions that
will help my Turkana friends think about how God is speaking into
their lives and the lives of those they shepherd in their churches. I
like this class. Pray I can share my enthusiasm about God's prophets
and his Word with my Turkana brothers and sisters.
A new life has come into the world. My guard, Adam, told me Thursday
morning that his wife had given birth early that morning. My language
skills are rusty and he didn't seem very happy about it. I thought he
said his wife died and my heart just sunk. (The two words in Turkana
sound very similar and it was early in the morning) When I discovered
my mistake, I was instantly excited and happy for him. He even smiled
then. I don't know the little girl's name yet. They wait a week or
so before they announce it. So, just keep the new little one in your
Have a good week!

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