Thursday, July 30, 2009


      This evening I am in Eldoret. I arrived here yesterday.   I will run some errands, work on my next ESL class, fix some things at the house and pay some of the bills here.  So, I will be here a few days getting all this done.  I arrived just in time for power rationing.  
       There has been a drought in Kenya for a while now.  So, they are rationing power in Eldoret.  Most of the power comes from hydro- electric sources.  Since there hasn't been much rain, there is less power.  So, we are rationed.  When are we without power?  At night when you need light.  So, this evening, my computer is charged up and running on battery power.  It provides me with a bit of light and I can write.  My room is lit with candle power.  It is kind of like stepping back in time - except for the computer :).
      Why am I telling you this?  I want to remind you to pray for rain for all of Kenya and for Turkana in particular.  We don't get a lot of rain, but even the normal rains haven't come.  So, people and animals are getting thin and desperate.  This is happening all over Kenya even though some parts have gotten rain.  So, please keep Kenya in your thoughts and prayers.  Only our God - the true power source - can bring rain to this parched land! 
       Thanks for your continued interest in the work here! 

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