Monday, July 6, 2009

Please Pray!

Please pray for Lodwar. Some things have happened recently that
have gotten people upset with another tribe of people who are living
in town. Things are a bit tense right now in the town. There is no
danger to me, but there needs to be a bit of peace prayed over this
place so that calm heads can sort things out for everyone.
      As for me, this is the beginning of my fifth week long English
class. Please pray for my students and me this week. I am
introducing grammar and sentence structure this week. They have been using it, I just haven't pointed it out to them yet. So, pray for my wisdom and that I don't confuse them, but that I help them as they try to sort out word order. Turkana has a very different word order.
      They are also learning about some emotions this week and we are holding an all class birthday party so they can see what a B-day party is like. They will each get a couple of small gifts (pencil, eraser, fabric bracelet, pencil sharpener, etc...) and I will be making a cake. There will be a couple of candles too. That will be fun to see 15 people trying to blow out two candles :).
      Have a good week and thanks for praying!

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