Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Its class time!


It is time for another English class. This week we are talking about toiletries and aches, pains and injuries. I am bringing in some personal hygiene samples for the students to try out. They use sticks from the esokon tree to brush their teeth. This tree has been tested and it has a high concentration of flouride in it and this actually helps the Turkana keep their teeth. So, most of them have never used a toothbrush and toothpaste as we do. I am also giving samples of deodorant, soap, a razor, a comb, shampoo and a washcloth. They just use regular soap to wash their hair. So, they will have some knowledge of the words they are trying to learn.

After I teach about toiletries, I will have a Bible study lesson on being washed. My Bible passages will be Psalms 51:2-7; Isaiah 1:16; I Corinithians 6:11; Hebrews 10:22 and Revelation 1:5. (Look them up and see if you can guess what I will be highlighting.) After the study we will take a field trip two doors down at the school to the Library. There I will show them how to use a concordance. After that, I will attempt to teach them the hymn "Are you Washed In the Blood?" I think this will be a fun Bible study and uses some of the themes from this lesson on hygiene and past lessons on cleaning garments.

Next we will move on to aches, pains and injuries. We will discuss the ones listed in the dictionary for us and the ones that are common here. Next month we talk about treatments and going to the doctor, so this is preparing them to talk about their symptoms and complaints when they get there. Their town assignment will be to go to town to one of the clinics or the main hospital and talk with two people about their complaints. They will have to speak in Turkana, but then translate it into English and report back to the class.

The "ugh" part of this week's lesson is that I have to review the simple present, present continuous, and simple past verb tenses. I also have to teach simple future tense. I don't like teaching grammar because I never liked studying it! So, I am asking one of my educated Turkana friends to come alongside me on that day and help me make sure the students understand. I am told it is good to have a non-native speaker teach grammer as they understand better how to explain it than someone who learned it at their momma's knees. I am giving them lots of worksheets for practice. Hopefully that will help them not think grammer is "Ugh" or not fun.

Well, that is what I am doing this week. What about you?

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  1. Wow--English grammar is never a 'fun' topic: I think all you can do to make it come to life is to sing and dance while you teach it--ha! Sure sounds like you have great lessons planned and really good relationships wiht the people. :)