Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wind and Dust! Tis the season.


It is that time of year again.  It seems like it is a bit early, but it has definitely started.  Dust storm season is upon us here in Turkana land.  UGH!  Today it has been very windy.  When I look out my back window I can see a couple of houses and dust just hanging in the air.  My floors and all surfaces are coated with it.  I can wash the table and 15 minutes later need to do it again.  The noise can be quite fierce as well.

It is early in the season, so hopefully this dusty wind will slow and stop before to much longer.  Often we have the dust in the mornings but the afternoons clear up.  That is what I am hoping for today.  Why do we have these dusty days?  It is a desert and there isn't much rain or vegetation to keep the dirt on the ground where it belongs.  Usually from Nov to Feb or so, we have these storms.  Some days I can't even see the houses across the road.  Oct - Dec can be the months of the short rains, but we haven't gotten any yet this year.  So, I think that is why it seems early.  I am glad I didn't decide to do laundry today!  I have to choose those days carefully during these months :).

While many of my readers are "enjoying" the winter months, I will be "enjoying" the dusty months.  I have gotten used to them, but it can play havoc with electrical equipment.  I have learned to keep things covered as much as possible.  The creepy crawlies come out with the winds too.  Scorpions, spiders and snakes all seem to thrive in these winds.  So, I keep a lookout for them.  This dust can be a nusance, but it has a certain beauty as well.  I am reminded about Jesus' comments about the wind and the Holy Spirit during these dusty blasts.  Sometimes I am amazed at the different colors of brown and red the sky can be in the midst of and at the end of these winds.  God can use even nusance winds to create beauty in this world!

So, enjoy the season you are in.  I will endeavor to enjoy mine as well.  Stop and thank God for it and look for the blessings in the season!

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  1. We are just heading into summer (read: rainy season!) I like that you are choosing to enjoy your season and be grateful in the midst.