Saturday, November 6, 2010

buggy computers?


Well, I thought my computer had a virus or a glitch in its system since it is an Apple and they are not supposed to get viruses very easily.  It started having problems on Monday of this week.  So, I got creative and figured out how to get it to Nairobi without me having to fly down with it.  I had a visitor coming on Friday and an English class next week, so I didn't really have time to fly to Nairobi to get it fixed.  A very kind and trusted person agreed to take it on the flight to Kitale and then she drove it the rest of the way to Nairobi on Wednesday.  I had someone pick it up from her Thursday morning and take it to the only Apple shop in Kenya that is licensed to work on them.  I thought it was just a glitch in a downloaded update that was making my operating system have problems.  It wasn't!

I was told that it is a mechanical problem with my hard drive.  I need to replace it and not used the computer until it is replaced or I could loose everything on it.  This computer was new to me in 2008, but it was refurbished so I don't know how old it really was or what the problems might have been to made it need to be refurbished.  So, I have decided to wait and look at something new when I go back to the States for Christmas.  I will also probably get the hard drive replaced and then have an extra computer to use in my ESL class for my students.  It will help to be able to divide them up into groups with this Movie software program we just started.  So, that is the current plan.

I am currently borrowing a computer from a friend to write this blog.  I will be trying to stay as connected as possible by borrowing when I can.  God is good and has provided various people for me to visit and borrow some time on their computers this week.  My teammates who are on furlough, may have a computer here that their son used.  I am going to try to find it today and use that if I can.  So, I do have a few options.

I am having to re-do the work that I had done for my English class next week.  It was just a few worksheets, but it is discouraging since I already had them done.  I am hoping to finish that up today and tomorrow if I have access to my teammates' computer.  I am going searching shortly.  I have to return this borrowed computer in about 15 minutes.  

I hope all is well with you!


  1. Best of luck with your computer Lynn. I enjoy reading your Blog. Hopefully you can hop from one lend to the next until you get yours repaired. Hmmm.... Lynn the giant hopping computer frog.

  2. Thanks Tim! I hope to keep hopping around so I guess I could be a new species of giant frog :).