Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hill and Dale visitors

My Hill and Dale Christian church visitors

Hello!  Here is another post dated blog - sorry it took so long to get it done!!!

I had some more visitors in March.  They arrived Wednesday March 16th and stayed with me until the next Thursday.  This was a great group of folks.  We had a lot of fun getting to know each other, fellowshipping over meals, and singing praises together.  We even managed to get in a game of Euchre one evening :).  They came to encourage the Turkana people and the missionaries and to work on a well.  They hoped to complete one well while they were here and they were able to accomplish that goal!  They also had a good time with the children teaching some VBS type lessons in the area where they were working on the well.  

This group from the Lexington area was actually supposed to be visiting my fellow teammates, the Mordens.  Their plans changed because of Mordens unexpected need to return to the States to help with the repercussions of their daughter-in-law's stroke.  Instead they got to stay with me.  I enjoyed hosting them and hearing about their accomplishments (or lack thereof) each day at the well site.  It is good to view Turkana through other people's eyes when you have been here a while.  I was rooting for them to find the right place with no rocks that would allow the drilling to finally succeed.  They did so on the third hole and we were all so excited.

I particularly enjoyed the evenings when we were able to pray together and sing praises to the Lord.  They had brought some song sheets and I learned a few new songs too.  It was wonderful to be able to sing praise songs with a group in English!  We were even able to sing when the power went out one evening.  It sounded great to my ears and I am sure the Lord was very pleased!

If you want to know more about this group and see some videos of their trip (even driving in rain and through mud) then check out their facebook page called HND Water for Life 2011.  There are some good pictures and videos there.   I pray you are all having a good week!

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