Thursday, March 31, 2011

The march of visitors concludes

David Giles in the garden

one of our irrigated gardens


My month of visitors ended with a visit from David Giles.  He is the director of CMF's church catalyst ministries.  He came to Turkana to visit missionaries and see some of the work going on here.  It was wonderful to host David as he is a friend from before I became a missionary.  He stayed with me for a couple of nights and spent time visiting some gardens and working with the water crew one morning.  In these pictures, we went out to see a CHE teaching in one of our gardens.  We were able to talk with a couple of the trainers.  We also saw some teaching done by the men who had been trained.  They taught on the difference between relief and development.  We had a nice conversation with some of the people who have plots in this garden.

It is always so wonderful to see how God is providing food for these communities through these gardens.  It is even better to see how the people are also receiving spiritual food through the teachings taking place in the gardens each day.  I enjoyed getting to see some ladies taking advantage of the shade to make some Turkana hand brooms.  They make them out of dried palm leaves and are able to sell them in town.  I had never seen them made before, but I have used them and given them as gifts.  So, it was fun to see this part of the process.

This month was very full of visitors but it was a very good month.  My house seemed very quiet after they all left!  In some ways it was my own personal "March Madness."  :).  Even so, it was more fun than madness.  I am looking forward to a little time in April to get caught up with other things and to do some lesson planning for my next classes in May.  I will also be holding a two day literacy "tester" seminar the middle of April.  This is to help those who administer the literacy tests to have a better understanding of what they should be looking for in these oral and written tests.

I hope you had a great March and are looking forward to a good April.  Blessings my friends!


  1. Lynn

    Enjoyed the photos and your thoughts, blessings from Brownsburg.

    Hope you are doing well

  2. Thanks Craig! All is well here. I hope you got the photos to CMF :)