Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The old adage says "April showers bring May flowers."  Well, that isn't the case here in Turkana.  We don't get much rain and I pretty much have a brown thumb with most plants.  I love to see flowers, but have had problems getting any to live for very long for me.  Part of that is because when I travel my flowers don't get watered and so I return to dead, brown things.  This year, I have been so happy to see a couple of plants doing well in my yard.  So, I took some pictures for you to see them :).

The first is a plumaria plant.  It was planted by my former teammate, Katy Lines, sometime around 2006.  It has had a troubled life.  Small children have used it as a play thing and broken off budding ends.  It was just the right size for them to reach and they wanted to look at it.  So, it has taken a long time for this plant to bloom.  Finally, this year I was pleased to see some flowers on it.  There are only a couple, but I am so excited to see them.  They smell nice too :). 

The next is a desert rose that was also planted by Katy.  It was planted down by their house in the same yard as my house.  This beauty has been blooming for a few years because I have given specific instructions on how it is to be watered.  

I just wanted to share with you that not all is brown here in Turkana.  Every once in a while I do see a little color and I thank the Lord for sharing it with me!  Here is hoping that I can keep both plants alive and well for future enjoyment.

This is my "snake" plant.  I don't know its official name but this is what I am told it is called.  It has to be protected because my dogs like to dig in wet soil and lay in it.  They have knocked this plant down and dug it up a few times.  So, one day I decided to put a little fence of sticks around it.  It has really grown well since then.  The dogs can't get to it, much to their dissatisfaction.  I am happy to see it finally doing well.  This is just outside my bedroom right next to where I park my truck.  So, I see it every time I get in my truck.  It is fun to see something growing there!

How about you?  How is your spring looking?  Any flowers blooming yet?  I miss the beautiful new greens mixed with the colorful buds of spring.  Enjoy them and give thanks to the Lord for creating such beauty for us to enjoy!


  1. Very good pictures and pretty flowers. Makes me appreciate how easy we have it growing our spring flowers. We came back from Florida to about 200 daffodils blooming within the week. Also crocuses, hyacinths, and a few other small purple flowers. They should last a long time since the weather has been cold and rainy. Keri has had a few tulips blooming in a sheltered area. I really am enjoying the flowers and thanking God for them. Too bad that the much cooler weather is necessary for an extended bloom time. Doreen

  2. Thanks Doreen! I do miss spring in the States! When I saw everyone talking on facebook about all the blooming flowers I was sad until I noticed that I had finally gotten my Plumaria to flower. Then I just went around and took pictures of the other 2 growing things in my yard too and decided to post them :). Actually, I do have some bushes too, but they are always there so not so remarkable. I wish I could get some of that cooler weather and a bit of rain and then I might see some of the desert morning glories that come up after good rain. Oh well, maybe a little later this year :). Enjoy your flowers!