Thursday, April 21, 2011

Long, long ago in this Galaxy on this planet...

On this very night long, long ago in this very Galaxy and in fact on this very planet, The Lord inaugurated the very first “Lord’s supper.”  Many people have wishful thinking about this night and the days to follow.  They say there is no God and therefore this night and the following days never really happened.  They think it is just like “Star Wars.”  A story to entertain the masses. 

Others think that this night long ago and the days that followed have a huge impact on this planet and this Galaxy for all time and into eternity.  It has that impact because it is true and not a story to entertain the masses, but The Truth to change the masses and redeem them forever.  You see, it was on this night that The Lord revealed in word and deed what he came to do for all people.

Before the “supper” even started he was teaching.  He became the servant.  He washed his followers’ feet.  He told one that he could have no part in him if he didn’t allow him to wash his feet.  Was he teaching him (and us) that we must recognize that we need to be clean, that we need him before we can be part of him?  That we must see our overwhelming need before he can cleanse us?

Then He gave thanks.  He knew what was coming and yet he gave thanks.  Then he broke the bread to show how he would be broken.  He poured out the wine to show how he would be poured out – his very blood.  He even told them this was his blood that was poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

The night didn’t end there.  He and his followers celebrated the rest of the meal and they sang some songs and then they went for a walk to a garden.  There, while they rested, he prayed and waited.  He knew they were coming.  He prayed for God’s will to be done not his.  He agonized over this prayer knowing what it would mean.  And then he went to meet those who came for him with swords and clubs and didn't resist when they arrested him.

And the night didn’t end there either.  He was beaten and mocked.  He stood trial and another trial and another before the night was over.  The verdict was a foregone conclusion to those who had him and even to him.  He even helped them by being silent and then giving them the very words they wanted him to speak when they failed to have any witnesses agree against him. 

And so that long, very long night was ended and the days that followed began…  

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