Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Visits that encourage

This week I am hosting some visitors.  They are part of the CMF board.  It has been so encouraging having them in my home.  They have been able to see some of the things that our team is doing here together with the Turkana church leaders.  They have been impressed with the gardens.  They are out today helping to put a hand pump on a finished well and then to go to another place and help with the drilling.  They spent yesterday afternoon with my teammate, Chad Harris and were able to learn what is going on with our community health evangelism program as it is in its early stages.

Later today, they will get to do a little shopping to help the local economy.  I hope to also show them where I teach both ESL and our Bible classes.  They will get to meet some of our local church people as well.  They leave tomorrow, but I think they have had a good overview of how we are joining in the Lord's work here in Turkana.  They have been good visitors - they even like my cooking (or are just too polite to tell me they don't)  :}.  So, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my home and my heart with these fellow believers this week.  I am grateful to the Lord for allowing me to help in some small way to advance his kingdom here in Turkana.  I am grateful that he also allows us to occasionally see some of that advancing so we don't get discouraged.

I pray you are having a good week!  Pray for me as I finish up preparations for my English class next week.  We will be talking about Abraham's call to follow the Lord and his willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac.  It could generate some lively conversations - pray that it does.  

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  1. I'm so glad that you had a great visit!! They are truly encouraging folks to have around and they were so excited for the opportunity to stay with you and see what you are doing.