Tuesday, May 29, 2012

His mercy endures forever!

No matter what is going on in our lives, we need to remember to give thanks for our blessings.  God's mercy does endure forever, but sometimes we are so caught up in our problems or just the everydayness of our lives that we forget.  I am counting the blessings of the Lord each day and sharing a few of them with you here.  This is to help me to remember each day that I can see Lord's mercy!

I have made a major climate shift this week.  I was in the desert of Turkana in the early part of the week and then I traveled to Nairobi and Arusha, Tanzania in the latter part of the week.  It is brown but getting a little green in Turkana, but it is very green and lush here.  It was hot and humid (because we got rain!) in Turkana, but here it has been chilly.  I had to borrow a long sleeved shirt because I am shivering!  It is probably in the low 70's here, but it feels much colder to me since I have gotten used to close to 100.  I am not complaining!  I like the cold, so I am extra thankful for this small blessing.  Any changes where you are that you are thankful for?  I'd love to hear them.

473. The delight of little people in everything around them.
gifts that made me laugh
474. The antics of my neighbors children as they circled my house.
475. My friend sharing a funny story.
476. I laughed at myself as I tried to get organized for a trip and packing but was trying to do too many things at once.
gifts found in community
477. Wonderful fellowship around the table with a visiting group.
Lifebridge group
478. Being prayed for and praying with that group.
479. Finding more toothpaste and getting real medicine for my Nairobi fly burn.  Thanks to Eric and one of the group members for helping me!!
chemical burn from an insect! Itchy and some pain.
gift in a plate, a pot and a package
480. Dinner on a plate tonight at a guesthouse.  It was very good and I didn't have to cook it.
481. That God uses this cracked Pot(tenger) and sometimes lets me see a little of what he is doing in the process.
482. I had time to shop this afternoon to get a package to take to Arusha even though my plane from Lodwar was delayed two hours.
483. A beautiful, green place to visit - I made it to Tanzania!

484. A good visit with the Prices.  Nice to see them :).
485. A wonderful time of catching up with Wendy and seeing her home.
486. Shopping in Arusha - fun and different from Nairobi.
487. I found material for some fun clothes to have made.
488. Paneer Samosas - very yummy and not too spicy!
489. Dinner at an autobody shop.  Great grilled chicken and naans (Indian flat bread).
The vehicles are serviced on the street or in the grated area
490. A very fun night with fellow missionaries (Woods & Wendy).  A chance encounter with a banker from S. Africa wondering who we work for as missionaries and how our selling was going :).  A chance to explain what we really do.
491. I saw Mount Kilimanjaro up close and even saw the top before the clouds closed in again and covered it.
just under 20,000 feet tall
492. Beautiful scenery on the way to church.  Whole fields of morning glories (?) - so pretty.

4 gifts found in Church
493. Praising the Lord with Maasai Christians.
494. Their generosity in giving visitors gifts (a beautiful beaded cross) and a meal even though life is very hard for them. 

495. The bright smiles of welcome from them all as we greeted each other.

496. Being privileged to pray over/ with many women at the close of church.
497. A warm cup of chai on a cold morning. 
498. A lovely place to stay - at the Richmonds' home.
side yard view from the house
499. Hearing the mourning doves outside this morning and being able to get a close picture.
It is looking backwards.

There are a few of the enduring mercies of God that I have seen this week.  I will be in Tanzania the rest of this week.  Wendy is teaching and I am observing the classes and the way the training of church planters takes place at this CMF site.  I am also taking time to just soak up the lush greenness around here and the goodness of the Lord.  I hope you all have a great week.

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