Monday, May 7, 2012


After being away for several weeks, my journeying has brought me home.  It is so nice to be able to sleep in my own bed and see all my Turkana friends!  I will be home for a couple of weeks before I take another trip.  I am looking forward to a final English class for this term next week.  I will also have a visitor staying with me who will teach Church History at our Turkana Bible Training Institute at the same time.  There will be a group visiting from Lifebridge CC in Longmont, CO. that week too.  So, it could be a busy time.

Until then, I am busy preparing my lesson for class and doing some unpacking and packing.  I brought a truck load of things from the house we closed down in Eldoret.  So, I am unpacking that stuff and deciding what needs to be packed to take on furlough and what should stay here.  Then I have to find places for the things that need to stay here since we have had an Eldoret house since I came to Kenya in 1996.  Those things were always there - so now I must find where they should go here :).

In the midst of all my travels, I have continued to count the blessings of the Lord.  This helps me to be thankful and joyful each day.  It also makes the hard days seem a little less difficult, since I can see that I am blessed beyond measure!  I hope you enjoy my list.

3 gifts tasted
403. Chicken Caesar salad at one of my favorite restaurants in Nairobi.  Greens are available in Nairobi - YUM!
404. Iced tea to quench the high altitude thirst.

405. Homemade pizza at the Caziers' house tonight.
3 gifts flat
406. My computer screen that connects me to the world.

407. The nicely paved road that I drove on from Nairobi to Eldoret today.
408. A round table that I ate dinner on with my friends, the Edapals.
3 gifts found in difficult people
409. The opportunity for a new friend to stand firm in the face of an abusive official.
410. The chance to pray for her strength for another meeting tomorrow and for the official.
411. A chance to examine my own life when dealing with such people.
gifts before 9 am
412. A chance to sleep in a little before packing up my truck.
413. The power was off and then came back quickly - a good reminder to be thankful for what I normally take for granted!
414. The beautiful birdsong and bright sun this morning and no rain until after I had my truck packed!
a sign, a smile and a snack
415. New kelly greens in Turkana - a sign that there was rain here while I was gone.

416. This sign - telling me I was home!
Yes, I made up the name of the lane and put up the sign :)
417. The smiles of Kakalei, Paulina and Mary that welcomed me home and helped me unload my very full truck.
418. A chocolate peanut butter bar after my long drive.
thank the Lord for freezers and that this was in mine!
419. A safe trip home on a really bad road - 8 hours to go 235 miles - 29 mph average!
3 gifts found in Christ
420. A day of joyful rest in Him.
421. I saw and was encouraged by so many friends in Christ this week!
422. Isaiah 43:1b - I have been redeemed by Him and called by name.  I am His!
3 gifts about my home
423. My cat Chewy (Chushanrishathaim) who welcomed me home with glad cries and cuddles.

424. My cool bedroom - thank you Lord for air conditioning to help make sleeping easier!
425. My eclectic pictures in my living room.

426. A great walk this afternoon - cloudy and cool to help ease me back into the habit now I'm home.

I hope you have enjoyed my list.  What has been happening in your lives?  I'd love to hear of some gifts you are giving thanks for!


  1. Simple pleasures and comforts are special, aren't they. God bless you as you minister.

    1. Yes they are! Thanks so much for stopping by, Gail.

  2. Lynn, it IS Green Mountain HS in Lakewood, CO! What a delightfully small world :). Amy

    1. Wonderful! God makes some pretty amazing connections, doesn't He? :)