Monday, April 30, 2012


Life has been compared to a journey.  Sometimes we are on the flat, straight stretches and sometimes we are on curvy stretches.  Other times we are forced to chug straight uphill or even do switchbacks because the way is too steep.  There are times when the road is paved and we roll along smoothly.  Other times we hit rough patches and have to slow down and take our time to get through it.  There can even be times when we have to detour or stop because the way is impassable.  You name it and we can probably compare journeys to our lives.
the relatively good road into Lodwar town :)
This week I was in the highlands of Kenya and then I journeyed down to Nairobi on Wednesday.  The road was relatively smooth - except for a small section of about a mile that was so rippled that we had to slow way down.  It was mostly downhill, but there was also some climbing as we left one ridge, went to the valley and climbed back up the next ridge.

I will be here in Nairobi about a week.  I came to stock up on groceries and to spend a little time with friends.  I got to see a musical at the local high school.  That was a lot of fun.  I knew most of the songs and could quietly sing along.  When I leave, I will go back up into the highlands of Kenya (about 7500 feet) before I descend to the desert of Turkana (1100 feet).

As I am on this journey called 'life this year,' I am counting the gifts or blessings that God is giving to me each day.  I am not numbering them all.  That would take more space than this world has to offer.  Instead, I am trying to list at least three gifts a day that have particularly caught my attention.  Sometimes there is a theme for the day's gifts and sometimes I just list what I see.  So, sit back and enjoy the blessings I have seen this week!

377. The Harris family playing kickball in the empty Eldoret house living room.
"When faced with the unusual, rise to the challenge and be unusual yourself!" Lynn P. 4/12
378. Help from a friend of a friend to move several things today.
379. Friends willing to store things for a year for me while I am on home assignment/ furlough.
380. gifts fragile - my emotions today, my friends' hearts over a hard thing, my teapot and mugs that got stored today.
gifts of cloth, steel and wood
381. This Kanga/ lesso that has kept the sun off me when driving here for 16 years!  It is a little ragged, but still does the job.
it gets folded in half twice and the folded side gets rolled outside the window - that is why it is holed & ragged on the inner fold :)
382. My faithful truck called JJ2 (Jehovah Jireh) - the Lord provides.  It carried me to Nairobi today with no problems!
383. After sleeping for a week and a half on a mattress on the floor, a wooden bed frame and mattress to sleep on tonight!

384. A safe journey in JJ2 to Nairobi today and seeing the beautiful scenes of His creation on the way.
Gifts moving
385. Moving things from Mordens' flat to the back of my truck so I can take them home to Turkana.
386. Moving times of laughter and fun at the Sound of Music musical at Rosslyn Academy.

387. Movements of music beautiful to listen to as Cara plays in the orchestra.
388. Being moved to give thanks in all things - even the hard ones - and praising Him for His gifts.
Ugly Beautiful gifts
389. A friend's mom dying of breast cancer and yet bringing such glory to God in the process.
390. That same friend fighting breast cancer herself and yet serving and witnessing to the LIFE that is found in Jesus.
391. The faces of poverty and prosperity all around me today - all intermingled in Nairobi streets and yet smiles and cheerful greetings from all.
392. I finished entering a month's worth of receipts into my accounting system.
393. Dori is feeling better from a stomach virus.
394. A quiet day to work while staying with the Caziers.
395. gifts orange - the Bird of Paradise orange flowers on the table here and my beaded Masai keyring with orange in it that has been with me since I came in 1996.
a bit withered by the time I got the picture on Monday night.

gifts in dirt
396. Mud - dirt mixed with RAIN!  Rain is always worth giving thanks for here.

397. The dirt of Nairobi that grows so many beautiful plants.

398. A good time of worshipping in English and studying Ephesians 1:3-10.
a gift given, made and sacrificed
399. Time given by teammates to listen and pray with me over a long lunch.
400. A Tasty chicken pot pie made by Dori by candlelight because the power was out again.

401. The many sacrifices my supporters make so I can serve here in Kenya.  Thanks so much, Lord!
402. A beautiful sunset tonight.  It set the trees on fire!  I so wish my camera could have captured it.  I will hide it in my heart and memory instead - a true grace for the day!

Thanks for sharing my journey and my blessings!  Have a great week.


  1. What wonderful gifts you've had! Enjoyed reading them!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nancy! It has been fun to be more observant of my days.

  2. As always I love your list. #389 and #390 - WOW!! Prayers being lifted for them; and for you. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Amy! I know my friends appreciate all the prayers that are being sent up for them.

  3. When do you head back to the States (or North America)? Amy :)

    1. I get back to the States on June 30 and will be there about 11 months. Will you be there then?