Monday, April 16, 2012

Limbo and still counting

Do you sometimes come to a point where you feel like your in limbo?  What does that mean?  Limbo is an intermediate place or state.  It means you are in between one place or state of being and another.  It could also be a dance in which players pass under a pole bent over backwards.  The pole is lowered each time everyone has gone under.  They are in between the state of playing and being out as they pass under the bar.

I know some friends who have felt that way recently as they faced the prospect of falling victim to "downsizing" at their workplaces.  They don't know if the bar is going to drop and they find themselves out of work.  Others can feel that way Spiritually.  They don't know where they came from or where they are going.  They are in Limbo.

I have been feeling lately that I am in limbo.  I am not sure what God is doing or where he is leading.  That isn't too surprising really since God is God and I am just a human being!  I have felt this way before.  Have you?

Life has a way of throwing us curves that we don't expect.  Sometimes we roll with them and move on fairly quickly.  Other times, we spend in limbo until we can see the next steps and move on from that place to the next.  Right now a "curve" has been thrown and I don't know exactly what the next big steps are.  So, I will continue with the small steps that I know and wait on the big steps until more of the curve is revealed.  I know that this time of waiting is a gift, but sometimes it is a hard one to give thanks for because I am impatient and want to know now.  :).

So, while I wait I thank God for his faithfulness in the past and I keep counting the gifts He has given - even this one of limbo.  Just for your information, this past week I was in Turkana for part of it and then traveled to the highlands of Kenya on Saturday.  

3 gifts opened
326. I opened my eyes to a new day.
327. I opened a wash machine to get out my clean clothes.  So thankful for friends who let me use their machines since mine is broken and doesn't look like it can be fixed.
328. Opened my phone to a late bday message that brought a smile.
329. Thankful for some carpenters who gave me prices on furniture so we know what to charge for the furniture we want to sell in Eldoret.
3 gifts budding/ blooming
330. Palm nuts ? - it is a desert you know :)

331. Me - blooming where I'm planted and not wanting to be uprooted.
332. What I think will be a purple flower outside my door.

3 gifts worn
333. My dusty, trusty tennis shoes that keep the sand out from under my toes when I'm walking.

334. My hat keeps the hot equatorial sun off my head when I'm outside.
335. My faithful Timex Expedition watch that keeps on ticking on my wrist.

336. A hard thanks for those who have served here, but will leave.  Too many hellos followed quickly by goodbyes in this place!
337. gift found - usable trunks to take for packing up the Eldoret house.
338. Peanut butter chocolate bars made and shared - Yum!
339. A good talk with friends across "the pond."
3 gifts looking up
340. Cherangani Hills as I went up from Lodwar (1100 ft) to Eldoret (7500 ft).
341. Up the hills and out of the bad road - PTL!
342. Seeing the rain up the mountain and then getting to experience it. - so good for this desert dweller to see!
343. Luke rolling on his back & scratching it in such a funny repetitive way.
Luke, our Eldoret dog just resting before his next scratching session
344. A good day of rest and pondering His Word.
345. Hannah Harris asking to sit with me on my lap.  :)
346. The Harris family (minus Chad who is sick) fixing dinner together.
Hannah, Kara, Elias, and Aidan fixing egg sandwiches
Hard Eucharisteos (Thanks)
347. Packing up and closing out the house in Eldoret.
348. Thinking about teammates leaving.
349. Other teammates with family issues that may keep them from returning.
350. Being in limbo about where God is leading - but He is faithful and He is leading!


  1. Great list! And I sure do relate to the feeling of limbo! I recently changed work units and any sort of change stresses me out a bit plus I'm stepping into a new role at church that I am hoping I'm not too small for!

    1. Thanks Court! It can be very stressful in limbo. Praying we both see Him in the waiting! He is big enough for any change and any stress so don't worry about being too small. His grace is seen all the more when we are too small.