Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sorting, packing, cleaning & counting

This week has been full of clearing out a house.  Our team has had a house in the highlands of Kenya for many years.  It served as a place to stop between Lodwar and Nairobi on the long drive.  We have decided that we no longer need this house as we are flying more and the team is getting so small.  So, I and my teammates have spent the week sorting through all the stuff.  We had a sale on Saturday and got rid of most of it.  It really is true that one man's junk is another man's treasure!  May you find a treasure in the counting of God's gifts and give thanks along with me!

gifts woven
351. Turkana baskets that I use for many things!

352. Hearts woven together in prayer for a friend.
353. Thankfulness woven throughout my day.
gifts inherited
354. My grandma's "mad money" change purse - orange & white fake mini pearls on the outside.
355. The Faith of my fathers (& mothers) generations back and handed down.
356. A love of the outdoors and God's wonderful creation handed down in my family.

357. Going shopping with Aidan (3) & Hannah Harris (2) - a new experience and I'm glad their Mom was along too!

358. Kids in the car cart playing after shopping :)

gifts square
359. 2 beds taken apart and in the sale room!
360. Having a "square" meal more than once a day when many around me don't have any.
361. Going around the inside of our square house many times today sorting and setting things out for the sale.
gifts stacked, stashed and stilled
362. Kitchen items all stacked for the sale.

363. Personal items stashed in a separate locked room for the sale.

364. Stilled finally at 9:30 pm with all the prices on items so now I can rest for an early morning tomorrow!
365. Sold - much of the furniture was sold today before the sale tomorrow!
gifts in Christ
366. Fellowship of believers who are all one in Christ.
367. Being able to meet other followers and servants at the sale today.
368. That he is the shepherd of this often wayward and confused sheep!
369. That almost everything sold at the sale today - the house is echoingly empty and that is a good thing!

370. For friends who invited me to dinner.
371. God's love which is so undeserved and yet close to my heart today.
372. Songs of praise and the ability to sing them with gusto - if not great pitch :).
gifts reflecting
373. Children reflecting their parents' teaching.
374. Me reflecting on God's love in Isaiah 42.
375. A book reflecting on God as our shepherd in Psalm 23.
376. A hard thanks - having to put our dog, Necklace, to sleep because she was sickly and we couldn't find a home for her.  Very sad and I don't even really like dogs, but I still cried!

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